is an association                                                                            Croplife is an association representing the plant science industry.
                                                                   Croplife strives to ensure that farmers and other end-users are at all times provided with a professional and efficient service.
                            CropLife's vision is to be acknowledged as the association representing all manufacturers, and suppliers of crop protection products in South Africa.
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AVCASA is an accredited Training Service Provider with the AgriSETA  (Accreditation number: AGRI/c prov/0510/14).  The following courses are available:

E-learning courses:

The next course will be from 10 February to 30 June 2019 . Enrolment opens 10 January 2019 and a link will be made available on the website for registration. The fee is still to be determined.

Contact Courses:

Course dates to be confirmed. 

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For assistance with courses contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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AVCASA has updated, reformatted and repackaged the Crop Protection Course to comply with the SAQA unit standards.The updated course contains all the material of the previous course, as well as additional information. 

The new course structure brings many benefits to the learner, namely :

  • New methodology – Focus on competency as opposed to only knowledge
  • Improved, integrated course structure 
  • Practical and theoretical assessment activities 
  • Electronic delivery systems (e-learning) 
  • Contact sessions 
  • Improved course quality control 



The courses aim to achieve skills in the application of the knowledge. The emphasis is on what will the learner be able to do upon completion of the course. The new methodology strives for competency as opposed to only knowledge. ‘Competency’ is defined as knowledge, skill and attitude.



The new Crop Protection and Animal Health Courses are structured as skills programs, each with a main focus, following each other in a logical sequence. These courses have retained the vast amount of knowledge and information contained in the previous course, but have been restructured in accordance with the unit standards guidelines and have been designed to optimise the ability to acquire specific competencies. 



The course adopts a strategy of continued competency assessment in alignment with the requirements of the SAQA training standards. 

Every skills programme contains a number of practical and theoretical assessments. The learner completes these assessments during the course and the summative assessment (final test) is conducted upon completion of the skills programme. This is then submitted to AVCASA as a Portfolio of Evidence. 

The learner has a one year period to complete the portfolio of evidence for all the skills programmes required for the applicable course.


Delivery System 

Course material is made available to learners electronically through the AVCASA Moodle software. This software is available online and each enrolled learner will receive a username and password to access the course material.