Oct 2020

The Crop Circular – Seventh Edition

The seventh issue of the Crop Circular is here. In this issue we cover topics such as GM foods, the complexities of running a poison information centre and the ABCs of active ingredients. Click here to download a copy or here to read it online. We would love to hear from you, so please forward […]

Fresh roasted or grilled corncobs served on a white  china plate

GMOs: Food for Thought

Chantel Arendse Lead: Plant Biotechnology Contrary to popular belief, farmers have been altering the genetics of organisms for 10 000 plus years while they domesticated plants and animals. The more traditional methods of crop improvement involved saving seeds from the best-looking plants for succeeding growing seasons and eventually selectively breeding the most desirable parents to produce […]

Fresh cob of ripe corn on green field at sunset

From the Biotech Desk – Crop Circular Issue 6

Chantel Arendse Lead: Plant Biotechnology June 1st marked the official transition of the plant biotechnology programme to CropLife SA with the establishment of the biotech desk. The first order of business was to engage industry members and stakeholders on the critical priority areas that would frame the strategic goals and map the workplan of the […]