The Crop Circular – Third Edition

CropLife South Africa has released the third issue of the Crop Circular.  In this issue, we cover topics such as integrated pest management, resistance management and roles and responsibilities pertaining to agrochemicals. Click here to download the document or here to view it online. We would love to hear from you, so please forward any comments, suggestions or contributions […]

Die heuningmakers se toekoms is op die spel

Daardie bottel op die rak met die goue, stroperige vloeistof is uiters gesog by alle mense alhoewel dit ‘n plaas se prys is. Sedert oertye is heuning nie alleen die natuur se wondergawe as soetgoed vir die mens nie maar ook die bron van baie geneeskundige waarhede omdat dit heeltemal natuurlik is en mikro-hoeveelhede natuurlike […]

A look at integrated pest management

Pest management is only one aspect of overall crop production that needs to be considered by a grower. It cannot be considered on its own – overall management of the crop by the grower affects pest management, and vice versa. The first requirement of integrated pest management is to grow a healthy crop, which is […]

Riglyne vir die oprigting en bestuur van plaagdoderstore op plase

Elke plaas in Suid-Afrika maak gebruik van plaagdoders, hetsy sintetiese, natuurlike, biologiese of selfs organiese plaagdoders. Sulke middels wat as landboumiddels in die Wet op Misstowwe, Veevoedsel, Landboumiddels en Veemiddels, 1947 (Wet Nr. 36 van 1947) bekend staan, is produkte wat ’n bepaalde gevaar vir mense en die omgewing mag inhou. Dit is egter moontlik […]

One’s trash is another’s thriving business – Grocott’s Mail

Published in Grocott’s Mail – 26 August 2019 As a core focus at this year’s G20 Summit, the need to reduce waste – particularly plastic – as a way to combat climate change is clear. In 2017, the world’s plastics production totalled around 348 million metric tons.[1] While South Africa accounts for less than 0.5% of […]

CropLife Africa Middle East Hosts Container Management Workshop in South Africa

In line with its strategy to develop container management programmes in key countries in the region, CropLife Africa Middle East hosted a container management workshop in South Africa for 11 African countries with the aim of providing the necessary guidance and support in this regard. The workshop, appropriately themed “Build and Strengthen Container Management Programmes […]

Canola Insecticides and Bee Safety Alert

CropLife SA is aware that canola producers are facing numerous pests in canola that may warrant the judicious use of insecticides. The past three years’ history taught us that off-label use of certain insecticides on canola such as methamidophos and profenofos had a profound negative impact on bee populations in the Western Cape. This resulted […]

Can Canola Production and Bees Co-exist?

Barely 20 years ago, canola was a mere thought among grain experts, but the crop quickly found its roots in many places in South Africa where the yellow flower proudly boasts post-summer promises of healthy cooking oil and spreads for fresh bread. Such a canola field is picture perfect as well as a magnet for […]

Manage Gerbils Effectively

Gerbils are one of the grain producer’s biggest enemies, but they can be managed effectively with the right methods without harming the environment. However, there are many ways in which legal rodenticides are abused and illegal pesticides harm the environment and its numerous gerbil predators. Producers need to take note of the following: The scattering […]

The Correct Procedure for the Disposal of Empty Pesticide Containers

CropLife South Africa, in co-operation with plastic processors, implemented a system to gather and process empty plastic pesticide containers in a legal and responsible way. All the details are available on in the Resources tab under the heading Waste Management: List of CropLife SA approved plastic collectors and recyclers Guidelines for cleansing and disposal […]