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CropLife SA serves responsible manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of sustainable crop protection, public health and plant biotechnology solutions in South Africa.
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Member Portal

CropLife SA membership is voluntary, and includes a commitment to abide by the Association’s code of conduct. Members receive exclusive benefits such as Agri-Intel access, participation in working groups, forums and the CPD programme, and access to up-to-date industry information and resources.


Agri–Intel offers easy access to a comprehensive database of all crop protection products registered for use in South Africa, including product labels, safety data sheets (SDS) and information on maximum residue limits (MRLs) and withholding periods.

Basic Crop Protection Course

The online Basic Crop Protection course provides an overview of the crop protection industry and aims to set a minimum standard for people active in the industry. Topics include pests, weeds and diseases, safe and responsible use of crop protection products, regulations that govern the industry and integrated pest management (IPM).

CPD Programme

The CropLife SA CPD programme aims to promote continuous learning in the industry, ensuring participants remain up to date with the latest relevant knowledge to obtain/maintain their CropLife SA CPD compliance.


CropLife South Africa is a non-profit industry association that serves and represents responsible manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of sustainable crop protection, public health and plant biotechnology solutions in South Africa.


We enable our members to be providers of environmentally compatible solutions that ensure sustainable, safe and affordable food production, and therefore food security, in South Africa.


CropLife South Africa offers a wealth of resources, training, regulatory assistance and industry updates to its members. In addition, we are the leading industry voice for our members in matters pertaining to crop protection and plant biotechnology in South Africa.

Why join CropLife South Africa?

Members get these exclusive benefits

Be the first to know about all matters covered by CropLife that affects the industry (local and international)

Access a range of industry information tools (such as Agri-Intel) and education modules (waste management programmes, responsible use, GHS compliance etc.)

Participate in a number of working groups, forums and action committees consisting of key industry role–players to address pressing matters affecting the crop protection industry (small pack, pollinator, stewardship and regulatory affairs, to name but a few)

Participate in the CPD programme and receive a digital card if compliant

Have you heard of Agri-Intel?

The agrochemical information source of preference

Access to accurate, up-to-date and user-friendly agrochemical information is essential in the successful management of crop protection strategies and the risks related to the use of agrochemical products in the highly competitive local and international markets.

Agri-Intel provides access to the information contained in the agrochemical database of products registered for use in South Africa. These products include insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, growth regulators, and adjuvants amongst others.

Agri-Intel provides information about maximum residue limits (MRLs) for South Africa and a number of export destinations, pre-harvest intervals (PHIs) and market preferences for major European retailers.

Be Informed

Sign up to our mailing list to receive the latest media releases and industry position statements or follow our blog.

Be Educated

Enrol for our online Basic Crop Protection course or subscribe to Agri-Intel to access the labels of registered crop protection products in South Africa.

Be Compliant

Know who is responsible for what in the plant science value chain and comply with the regulations that govern the industry.

Be Responsible

Stewardship is everyone’s responsibility and CropLife SA and its members are avid proponents of and leaders in the life cycle approach to industry stewardship.