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CropLife SA offers a variety of memberships and subscriptions you can join as an individual or company, below is a list of what we can offer you.

Name Type Company Individual Pricing (from)
Select CropLife South Africa Member Membership 6 500.00 ZAR Learn more
CPD participation is optional when choosing the option above
Select Agri-Intel Member Subscription 1 000.00 ZAR Learn more
Select Basic Crop Protection Course Subscription 8 625.00 ZAR Learn more

CropLife South Africa Member

Members get these exclusive benefits

Be the first to know about all matters covered by CropLife that affects the industry (local and international)

Access a range of industry information tools (such as Agri-Intel) and education modules (waste management programmes, responsible use, GHS compliance etc.)

Participate in a number of working groups, forums and action committees consisting of key industry role–players to address pressing matters affecting the crop protection industry (small pack, pollinator, stewardship and regulatory affairs, to name but a few)

Participate in the CPD programme and receive a digital card if compliant

Agri-Intel Subscription

Applicant may be employed by a CropLife South Africa member company or private

The agrochemical information source of preference

Access to accurate, up-to-date and user-friendly agrochemical information is essential in the successful management of crop protection strategies and the risks related to the use of agrochemical products in the highly competitive local and international markets.

Agri-Intel provides access to the information contained in the agrochemical database of products registered for use in South Africa. These products include insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, growth regulators, and adjuvants amongst others.

Agri-Intel provides information about maximum residue limits (MRLs) for South Africa and a number of export destinations, pre-harvest intervals (PHIs) and market preferences for major European retailers.

Basic Crop Protection Course

Applicant may be employed by a CropLife South Africa member company or private

Members get these exclusive benefits

The online Basic Crop Protection course provides an overview of the crop protection industry and aims to set a minimum standard for people active in the industry. Topics include pests, weeds and diseases, safe and responsible use of crop protection products, regulations that govern the industry and integrated pest management (IPM).