Nov 2020

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Various Role Players Collaborate to Ensure Pollinator Safety

The crop protection industry, together with a number of grower and beekeeping associations, have committed to ensuring that their activities are conducted in such a way that pollinator safety is a key priority. To this end, a pollinator charter was created in which all parties involved agreed that their members shall adhere to the guidelines […]

Gerrit Bezuidenhout - Winner2

2020 Agricultural Writers SA Awards: A Tribute to the Heroes of Agriculture

South Africa’s contributors to agriculture in a time of crisis have been recognised at the Agricultural Writers SA Awards on 13 November in a virtual event dedicated to the heroes of agriculture in 2020. The reason for the change in theme of the awards, which traditionally presented the farmer, agriculturalist and new entrant to commercial […]

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Part 2: The Wonders and Beauty of Chemistry… and the BS

In this 4-part series, renowned toxicologist and organic chemist dr. Gerhard Verdoorn takes us on a journey to illustrate some of the fundamentals of chemistry. In doing so, the widely misunderstood subject of what makes a product toxic as well as organic versus synthetic chemistry will be explored and explained with the help of practical […]