Important Notice: Emergency Eradication Plan for Amaranthus Palmeri

The following important documentation has been made available in the Guidelines for Pest Management section in the Resources tab: Emergency Eradication Plan for Amaranthus Palmeri March 2019 Palmer Amaranth Information Bulletin March 2019 Palmer Amarant Inligtingsbulletin Maart 2019 Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the content and contact dr Gerhard Verdoorn on +27(0)82 […]

Regulatory Requirements for the Use of Drones for Aerial Application of Agricultural Remedies

Version 1, 7 March 2019 DISCLAIMER This position statement is based on CropLife SA’s interpretation of promulgated acts and regulations and is not a legal opinion.  CropLife SA, its members and staff shall not be held liable for any damages to any parties as a result of their actions of interpretation of  this position statement. […]

Can Canola Production and Bees Co-exist?

Barely 20 years ago, canola was a mere thought among grain experts, but the crop quickly found its roots in many places in South Africa where the yellow flower proudly boasts post-summer promises of healthy cooking oil and spreads for fresh bread. Such a canola field is picture perfect as well as a magnet for […]

Seed Treatment: Facts and Guidelines

Seed is the one element without which a grain farmer can’t even call himself a farmer. Other inputs such as fertilisers and pesticides, merely play a supportive role to seed, but can transform a harvest from valuable to highly profitable. As technology changes, so crop production potential increases and pesticides or crop protection products are […]

Manage Gerbils Effectively

Gerbils are one of the grain producer’s biggest enemies, but they can be managed effectively with the right methods without harming the environment. However, there are many ways in which legal rodenticides are abused and illegal pesticides harm the environment and its numerous gerbil predators. Producers need to take note of the following: The scattering […]

The Correct Procedure for the Disposal of Empty Pesticide Containers

CropLife South Africa, in co-operation with plastic processors, implemented a system to gather and process empty plastic pesticide containers in a legal and responsible way. All the details are available on in the Resources tab under the heading Waste Management: List of CropLife SA approved plastic collectors and recyclers Guidelines for cleansing and disposal […]

Use Pesticides Responsibly

Ten commandments for responsible pesticide use: Plan your production season carefully and only buy the pesticides and volumes that you’ll definitely need. Don’t just buy products because it’s offered at a low price, as it will likely accumulate only to have to be destroyed at a tremendous cost. Only buy registered pesticides from recognised dealers, […]

Glyphosate Litigation in the US

There have been many news reports over the past couple of days about the trial regarding glyphosate in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California in San Francisco that began on Monday, Feb. 25. The second trial for 2019 is expected in mid-March in the Superior Court of the State of California. Bayer, […]

Afrika Bolwurm is ‘n Gevaarlike Kalant

Dr Gerhard H Verdoorn, CropLife Suid-Afrika 082-446-8946 Die Lepidoptera orde in die wêreld van ongewerweldes is legio. Wonderlike vlinders en interessante motte is onder die gevleueldes wat onder ander ook met bestuiwing van baie blomplante te doene het. Daar is egter ‘n paar spesies onder die groot aantal van nagenoeg 180,00o soorte vlinders en motte […]

Farmers, Beekeepers, Croplife South Africa and Researchers Take Hands to Ensure a Better Future for Honey Bees

The Western Cape Bee Industry Association (WCBA) organised a workshop at the Buitenverwachting wine estate in the Constantia Valley near Cape Town on Friday 7 December to discuss the recent mass mortality of bees in the district. Beekeepers, wine farmers, researchers from the Agricultural Research Council, members of the Directorate of Agriculture Inputs Control’s Inspectorate, […]