New Executive Council for CropLife SA

In a first for CropLife South Africa, the Annual General Meeting was seamlessly conducted on 18 May 2020 via teleconference. The meeting was opened by CropLife SA CEO, Rod Bell, after which Marius Boshoff, CropLife SA President, gave an overview of the progress made throughout the year based on the four strategic pillars defined by […]

Soybean field and soy plants in early morning. Soy agriculture

The Crop Circular – Fifth Edition

The fifth issue of the Crop Circular is here. In this issue we cover topics such as pesticides and water, climate change and agriculture and the do’s and don’ts of aerial application. Click here to read it online and here to download a copy. We would love to hear from you, so please forward any […]

The do’s and don’ts of aerial application

By dr. Gerhard Verdoorn Afrikaans version published in SA Graan April 2020 Agricultural crops face constant competition from plant pests, diseases and weeds that challenge their health and erode the farmer’s profitability if these undesired elements are not managed properly and timeously. Pesticides or agricultural remedies are available for the effective management of virtually all […]


Quality control in the production of agrochemicals

By: Elriza Theron Afrikaans version published in SA Graan April 2020 Crop protection plays a pivotal role in agricultural production, whether chemical or biological, and farmers spend a significant amount of effort and investment in ensuring safe and healthy crops. Naturally a farmer would expect the same dedication toward quality assurance from the manufacturers of […]

Exciting Future for South African Biotechnology as CropLife Appoints Lead for Plant Biotechnology

CropLife International, the voice and leading advocate of the plant science industry, has announced that it is transitioning its biotechnology programmes in Southern Africa to CropLife South Africa. Following trends from elsewhere in the world, the consolidation will bring plant biotechnology and crop protection activities under one organisation, CropLife South Africa, with a goal of […]

Pesticides and Pollinators

Pesticides and pollinators. Is it possible to ever use these two words together without a mass debate ensuing? On a rudimentary level it appears that only two groups are involved in this debate, and it seems as if they are on polar ends of the “saving the pollinator” spectrum. The scenario is often illustrated as […]

CropLife SA Lepidoptera Alert

Current weather patterns in southern Africa may be conducive to the outbreak of certain insect pests. Moist air from the tropics may bring another infestation of the fall armyworm into the Limpopo, North West, Free State and Northern Cape provinces while the current conditions in these provinces and KwaZulu-Natal are conducive to the outbreak of […]

The Crop Circular – Fourth Edition

CropLife South Africa has released the fourth issue of the Crop Circular.  In this issue, we cover topics such as MRLs, farm worker safety, how agrochemical labels are determined and innovations in agriculture. Click here to download the document or here to view it online. We would love to hear from you, so please forward any comments, suggestions or […]

This is how herbicide resistance affects your pocket

The issue of herbicide resistance should be on top of every crop grower’s priority list because it not only affects the environment and sustainable agriculture, but the producer’s bottom-line in the long run.  It can be likened to antibiotic resistance in humans, it doesn’t seem like a problem while you are taking the medication continuously.  […]

2019 Winners of the Agricultural Writers SA Awards

South Africa’s top contributors to agriculture have been recognised at the Agricultural Writers SA Awards on 15 November in Pretoria. The event gives recognition to the work of those that seek to elevate food security and rural economies. In addition, members of the Agricultural Writers SA were honoured for their role in communicating issues of […]